Latest projects undertaken by Hill Consultants.


Onshore safety standards

Hydrocarbon Engineering has published an article entitled "Onshore Safety Standards" in their December 2016 edition. Please... read more


Gulf Safety Forum 2016

Paul Hill presented as an associate consultant for Euro Petroleum Consultants at the Gulf Safety Forum... read more


RSF 2016 in Samara, Russia

Euro Petroleum hosted the Russian Safety Forum during June 2016 in Samara.  Paul Hill FIChemE presented two... read more

Saudi Aramco / Air Products Interface HAZOP

Interface HAZOP for the Saudi Aramco JAZAN IGCC facility including review of the associated Air Separation Units... read more

Dubai HAZOP performed

HAZOP performed in Dubai for selection of NGL plant.... read more

Risk Assessment Training

Training of Du Pont staff in latest risk assessment methods.... read more

Confidential - abatement HAZOP following SEMI S10 Guidelines

Abatement HAZOP following SEMI S10 Standards. HAZOP looked at a new product development for electronics industry.... read more

BP Azerbaijan offshore Surface Process Clean up (Wells) Systems

HAZOP performed on the modification of a drilling platform to undertake deep water well clean up.... read more

Caspian Pipeline Consortium Risk Assessments

Oil pipeline pump station BOWTIE assessment... read more

LIWA Polypropylene steam cracker (cold section) HAZOP

LIWA Polypropylene steam cracker (cold section) HAZOP and associated SIL.... read more

Buncefield Report Issued

The final Major Incident Investigation Board report on Buncefield incident has now been issued. The final... read more

New contract to perform HAZOP in Egypt

Hill Consultants confirmed as HAZOP company for pipeline assessment project.... read more

Another HAZOP bites the dust

Hill Consultants provided the HAZOP Chairman role on another project in the southern hemisphere.... read more

Further HAZOPs undertaken for TNK-BP in Russia

Hill Consultants provide technical safety support to refineries in Russia with HAZOPs performed on numerous hydrotreating... read more


SIL Facilitation continues

A review of numerous safety integrity level assessments was performed to ensure a consistent approach was... read more

Tehran HAZOP - a major success

Hill Consultants successfully managed four parallel HAZOPs at the Tehran Oil Refineries to identify improvements to... read more

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